Unique Lighter Protector Design Featuring Miniatures

Art has been used to achieve different effects. Christian Kenton is the author of Accidental discharge and Intersectional Feminism which are magazines aimed at advocating for the rights of women. For instance, men are allowed to walk topless, but it becomes an issue when a woman walks topless. People start throwing words on how her nipples look and in some cases he can be prosecuted. According to the website Accidentaldischargemagazine.com, the women nipples are created for the purposes of breastfeeding, not the way many people perceive them.

Back to the art created by Christina Kenton

She is a feminist who makes art to speak out her mind. In a recent art which attracted the attention of headlines of many magazines around the world, she created lighter protectors which can protect your fire starts against the effects of extreme colds. The lighter case she designs and sells are aimed at protecting your lighters so that you can start fire even if you go for camping in extreme conditions.

Camping adventure and the light protectors

Just like camping accessories such as camping tents, fire pits, portable grills, smokers among others are necessary in your camping and outdoor cooking, you need to have something you can use to start fire. Your summer camping will be great if you can easily start the fire. The lighter protector has special designs to allow you protect the lighters at the same time communicating a feminism message.

Some of the designs she incorporates in her artistic lighters include bed with pillows, sky among other features. You will find the designs great if you can place them besides your mirrors if you are not in a camping adventure.

The artistic designs of the lighters also incorporate animal designs, inspiration room painters and the things she sees in her everyday life. To create the arts, she starts by sewing each case by hand. She does not use complicated sewing machines. The artist also applies paper techniques to make the sculptures achieve a dimensional life. She will then paint and apply miniatures to make hybrids. The miniature can be of different items.

Christian Kenton interview

From her interview on the Huffingtonpost, she started the art of fixing the miniature to her sculptures after about one year after she started creating the arts. Most of her creations have been featured in Accidental Discharge Magazine. She uses miniatures such as porcelain false teeth, duct tape and shrimp cocktails. Therapeutic effects of art making are achieved while she creates the feminine inspired arts.

Main Issues Affecting Women Which Can Be Expressed Through Art

There are several issues which affect women from different parts of the world. Some countries have formulated legislation to support women but there is a lot still to be done. Religion and the customs in different communities perceive women as a weaker gender. They have to deal with several issues in their life. For example, if women a can walk bear top, she will be perceived as if she is made or something is wrong with her. It is a different case when it comes to men. Men can walk bear top and things will seem okay. In order to advocate for the rights of woman, there are several ways which can be used. Use of art especially miniature art has played a great role in advocating issues affecting women. Some of the issues which affect women include the following:

  1. Access to Education

From a UNESCO report, more than 31 million girls in the age of school going children were not in school. Most of the girls who were not in school were in developing countries such as Africa. It is an issue which has affected women because it denies them the opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge to take leadership roles. When women are educated, they avoid several problems associated with the gender. For instance, they will survive childbirth, enter marriage later in life, raise healthy kids, earn money and find good jobs.

  1. Employment Opportunities

There is a gap between the wages men earn and the amount women ear. Both the genders have the same social responsibilities nowadays. Many employers still favor men where you can find men earn more than women. There has been an increase in protests in women who will like to be treated equally. From research carried out by WhiteHouse, it was estimated that for every $0.77 earned by women, men earn about $1. Many employers tend to assume men have more responsibilities hence they tend to offer them more pay. It is even surprising to discover women invest more than men do.

  1. Reproductive Health & Rights

Many women from developing counties face challenges when it comes to family planning. It is estimated that more than 74 million unplanned pregnancies occur in the third world which affects the lives of women. Out of the 74 million unplanned pregnancies, there are more than 36 million abortions. Reproductive health is an issue which affects women a lot. Something needs to be done to improve the lives of women. You can carry out a campaign using art to reach out to many women.

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  1. Maternal Health

According to WHO, 1 in 3 women has ever experienced sexual violence in their lives. The abuse can arise from domestic violence, sexual trafficking, rape, gender-based violence among other forms of exploitation. Abuses deny women the ability to enjoy life. When women are abused, they are unable to enjoy a healthy life.

  1. Child Marriage

It is estimated that between 2011 and 2020 about 140 million girls will become brides. Many girls marry before the age of 18 and they end up being denied education. There is also a high risk of childbirth complications. Premature childbirth has been associated with a lot of complications. They are also more vulnerable to intimate partner violence due to their young age as they enter marriage.

  1. Female Genital Mutilation

The female genital mutilation refers to all procedures which expose ladies to genital injury without any medical benefit. Many groups who practice it have based it on religious and cultural issues which make it hard to understand. FGM has several consequences. For example, it violates the child’s rights as well as exposing the girl to many health problems. It also promotes inequality between the sexes.

  1. Water & Sanitation

Water affects both genders, but women are the one affected the most because they are supposed to fetch water as the other gender is involved in other activities. When hygiene and sanitation facilities such as bathrooms are not enough, girls tend to suffer the most because they will miss school due to fear of stigmatization during their menstrual periods. Fetching water wastes a lot of time for the girls. The time wasted can be put into other useful activities.

  1. Gender Equality

Both genders are not treated equally. In many incidences, the male gender is viewed to be superior. They tend to take leadership roles and responsibilities which are deemed superior. When women start doing such tasks, they are perceived to be abnormal.

  1. Sexism and Gender Bias

Big corporations prefer men to be in the leadership roles. The inequality is applied with an assumption that women cannot perform as their male counterparts. Even if women can perform just like the way men can do. Women have tried a lot both in politics and other places of work to prove their worth over the years. There are efforts which have been made in countries such as Kenya where there is legislation to include at least one-third of the political representation from both genders.

  1. The Power of the Women’s Vote

There were times in history when women were not supposed to vote. Nowadays it is an accepted norm. In the United States election, many women turn up to vote than men. The right to vote has been taken seriously by women.

  1. Women in Powerful Positions

In the United States, a woman has not been elected as a president. But in 2017, there were more than 39 women who held the office of the governor. There are several challenges which are being witnessed in the political scene which can make the tide change towards women. The performance of women in the power positions is just the same as men. It is a clear indication women are proving to be of the same capability just like men.

  1. Reproductive Rights

The big difference between men and women is the fact that women can give birth. There is a big debate which surrounds the whole issues. Are women allowed to abort when they are not ready to give birth? There are those who are pro-choice and the pro-life contestants who argue a lot. It is a hard decision to make whether you are supposed to enjoy your right to make choices on when to give birth or you are supposed to respect life in all forms.

  1. Teen Pregnancy

The number of teens becoming pregnant has been dropping. Efforts put into place to educate the girl child have contributed greatly towards reducing the teen pregnancy. The change from traditional believes where young girls who gave birth out of wedlock were shunned have also changed. They have made it possible for the teen pregnancy trend to shift.

  1. The Cycle of Domestic Abuse

There are many cases where teens are subjected to mistreatment. Traditional believes which support the oppression has made it hard for teens to seek help. There is a belief in African traditional socialites where people who are faced with abuse in their marriage cannot seek redress elsewhere. The family and clan members assemble to solve the dispute and in most cases, they support the male gender.

  1. The Betrayal of Cheating Partners

Men cheat a lot in relationships which affect women. In most cases, women are loyal in their relationships but there are many cases where men have betrayed them. When men cheat, society does not condemn them as the case when a woman cheats. Cheating leads to breaking the trust which is the foundation of an intimate relationship. If you keep on cheating as a man, you are assumed to be a hero. It is a different case when a woman cheats because she is called names.

  1. Equal Pay

There are many cases where women are underpaid when compared to men. From recent research, more than 81% of women are underpaid when compared to men who work in the same position. There is a belief that women have fewer responsibilities hence they end up being underpaid by their employers. It is a trend which women have been trying to fight over the years but they are still yet to win the struggle.

  1. Genocide

When there is genocide, women and children are the one who are affected the most. From recent UN research, it has been showed that many women are refuges where they suffer from vices such as rape, sexual violence among other vices which are directed to them. There is more suffering in the side of girls as opposed to boys when genocide occurs.

  1. Early Marriage

There are some countries where women are forced into marriage. In South Asia and Africa, many girls are married before the age of 18. When a girl is married early, she tends to suffer a lot because she will not have any source of income to support her family.

  1. Poverty

Poverty tends to affect both genders but women are affected the most. When a family is unable to access food, the woman is left at home to suffer from children. Men can go out and feed themselves. Families which earn less than a dollar each day are categorized as poor. The low earning denies them almost all the basic needs they need to live comfortable lives.

  1. Depression

Women in high and low income suffer from depression. It is the leading cause of mental health. After childbirth, there are several issues which affect women. There are others who experience body changes which lead to stress while others are subjected to other forms of depression. When a woman is not happy, it affects her mentally which can impact negatively on her overall productivity.

  1. Women and Politics

More than 50% of the global population consists of women. Even if they are many, they occupy less than 20% of the parliamentary and other seats. The low representation affects the way issues affecting women have been channeled in the legislative houses across the globe.

  1. Women and the Media

In most cases, women are used in magazine covers where they are pictured half-naked to market the magazines. The issue of objectification leads to making female gender appear less important when compared to men.

  1. Stigma against Feminism

There are several negative connotations that surround the feminine gender. The issues are making many women turn away from the fight against gender inequality.

All the above issues can be advocated for easily through art. The use of art helps people understand the different issues affecting women from different perspectives.

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